Blessings and Seasons Greetings to You All

My life has changed so dramatically this year. I am sincerely grateful for the gift of change and the opportunities to be more loving and to accept love and kindness.

Mandy and I are enjoying the holiday season with my family this year. Thank you for following my blog and for your support. I wish everyone a season of love and kindness.

Holiday Greetings from Wyoming


Thoughtful, Engaged Communication Changes Everything

Part of what I love about living in awareness is learning to speak from my soul and being engaged when I listen. Engaged speaking and listening for me are about being attentive, putting myself in another person’s shoes, observing their body language, listening to the tone of voice and being aware of their feelings.

I’ve learned engaged communication and listening by experience and the hard way. I used to react, speaking and offering my opinion defensively and too quickly. Everyone suffered and tensions were always high. I was unhappy with myself, so I made a concerted effort to pay attention to the others in the conversation instead of being so self-absorbed. I’ve learned to really listen, think, then respond with a peaceful, loving presence, no matter who I am talking with. Responding takes more effort than reacting, but it is worth it when the conversation ends and no one is angry, tense or upset.

Talking without thinking, half-listening while we wait for a pause so we can talk causes disconnection, misunderstandings and suffering for everyone involved.  We have been conditioned to believe that it’s okay to talk whenever we want, cut someone off without any thought about the other person. What we’ve learned can be unlearned when we make the effort and we care enough to consider others involved in the conversation, no matter who they are or how they are in our lives.

The Method 

The method I use works whether on the phone or speaking person to person. When someone else speaks, just listen, think and then speak. I am not referring just to those you know and love, I am also talking about everyone that is in your life for whatever reason.  Have you ever heard the quote,  “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”, it is helpful, no matter who you’re speaking with to apply that theory to all communication so it will be productive and conclude peacefully.

Since I’ve applied this method, even the toughest people who I’ve come across are more at peace and relaxed when we speak, even when the conversation is two opposing opinions or the other person is tense. I hold a space of calm and understanding no matter how the other person is behaving, it isn’t easy, but it is the way I choose to be, you can too, it is definitely worth a try.

Here is a video that I found helpful. This psychotherapist offers more ways to learn how to communicate thoughtfully.

Thank you for stopping by, namaste

Where There is Love, Stuff Takes a Back Seat

People Instead of StuffIf you know your heart, then you know why there is a you and a me and all those of us who are on our journey to bring love and compassion to the world….

if there weren’t people who paid more attention to their stuff then caring about people then they wouldn’t need to be reminded of love and their connection to the human race…so we should feel blessed that we are carrying the message of love with our hearts outstretched to the world..