Time for a Change, Refocusing My Blog

We’ve certainly been through some powerful changes over the past year and a half and I’ll be the first to say it’s effected my way of life and how I think.

Throughout the past several months, I’ve changed the look of this blog several times, tried to come up with post ideas and looked for new ways to discover our inner being and live more consciously, I realized my heart just wasn’t in it any more. Primarily, I feel and think differently than I did 12 years ago when I started this blog.

Since the onset of the pandemic, my time and energy has been more invested in looking for ways to find more harmony, enjoyment and happiness in my day. That said, I’ve decided to redesign and rework my blog, from the appearance to the emphasis of the content. The underlying messages will continue to be based on living consciously, but overall I will be offering positive, simple ways to find peace of mind and joy. The name of my blog will remain the same.

I know in my heart this is what most of us are seeking and longing for now with all of the turmoil and stress in the world. I look forward to a fresh start and sharing creative ways to help us all achieve serenity and find enjoyment in our everyday lives.