We’re Griff and Mandy, two Pooches that Moved in with our Grandmom

Hi we’re Griff and Mandy. We’re brother and sister and boy are we a handful, that’s what our new “grandmom” says. I guess we bark a lot that’s because we are used to living on a big truck that goes all around the country and guarding our dad. We don’t know any other way, so “grandmom” is helping us learn not to worry that someone will hurt our family.

Our dad Scott has given us to his mom so he can do a better job and we can have more fun, run and play and learn new things. We’re part lab and part shepherd so we are pretty set in our ways. But now we have a back yard to play in and eat at the same time every day, “grandmom” even gives us snacks sometimes and she’s teaching us lots of things and she has to tell us to behave. She gives us lots of love and even gives us space on the bed with her.

We miss our dad and can’t wait til he visits but we love our new home and being able to nap in the sun or just laze in the house watching “grandmom”. We love to come in the kitchen when she’s cooking, we keep waiting for food to fall on the floor, she sure is a good cook.

Maybe we’ll ask “grandmom” if we can visit with you once in a while and tell stories about our new adventures.

I’m Griff, aren’t I handsome?
I’m Mandy, I am a Princess

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