Four Dynamic Ways to Live an Engaged Life

“An engaged life occurs when you experience happiness by using your positive traits (i.e. kindness, curiosity, perseverance) that are particularly characteristic of you every day.  When we use our signature strengths to accomplish something or meet a challenge, we feel “authentically happy” and gratified. We get lost in the experience and lose a sense of time—the technical word for this is “flow.”

For instance, Brenda, whose life was ruled by her cancer treatment, found solace in gardening. Aside from liking to dig her fingers into the earth, she had a deep sense of being in tune with herself in a positive way; that is what the engaged life is all about. Dr. Leslie Becker-Phelps

Several years ago when I discovered my calling in life, I jumped at the chance to live authentically, which in turn led me to living an engaged life. As I’ve gotten more involved in the pursuit of my calling and making a difference, the door naturally opened for living my life closer to my true character.

Rather than just survive, thrive with enthusiasm, be fully engaged in your daily life. Live your life inspired and driven to do things outside of the box of normal, proceed with passion, curiosity and energy.

Methods for Living Fully Engaged in Your Life

I believe like anything else we do, practices are always a work in progress, so don’t be disappointed or dissuaded from living an engaged life if it doesn’t happen right away. Finding your signature style takes time, patience and daily effort, but it is well worth it when you’re authentic and true to your unique character.

One – Identify Your Top Strengths – Use your greatest strengths in new and different ways every day for a week. Doing this will help you become fully engaged in your own life. This will inspire you to want to experience ways to discover a life where you are living cultivating your virtues and strengths.

Two – Prioritize Your Values and Set Boundaries with Your Time – Protect the time you have with people you care about, your faith and the interests that engage you. That time is sacred, it’s easy for us to be distracted by what goes on around us keeping us from staying focused and engaged.

Three – A Life of Engagement – To accomplish this you’ll have to know your purpose and let that be the driving force behind your decisions. Identify your signature strengths by listing situations that engage you where you are so engrossed that you lose track of time.

Four – Be Present – This one practice is one of the most difficult to learn. It is common that we focus on the past or spend precious energy projecting the future, not being fully involved in the present moment. Being present takes effort and time. Meditation is a well-known practice that brings us into the moment, being still and at peace helps to focus on now, and it creates space to be more aware of ourselves.

Your Well-Being Improves when You’re Engaged

Listen to Patrick Munoz as he talks about your well-being when you live an engaged life. The video is only five minutes long, but the information is powerful.

Thank you for reading my post, I appreciate your time.