Spirituality isn’t Found Outside, All We are Searching for is Love

In The Beginning

The truth is we’re already divine beings from the day we are born. There isn’t a person, place or book that can lead us to the truth of who we are, that comes from inside of us. For centuries we’ve been made to believe that to be spiritual we have to look outside of ourselves to find the answers we seek and the support to become Godlike. From our desperate desire for love, we’ve come to believe that we need to be led to being Godly and told what and how to believe in order to reach divinity.

Spiritually Authentic

Being spiritual and loving isn’t something that you do or the practices you’re taught, it is a natural part of who we already are. Spirituality isn’t found on a special day, in a place or a person, it is in the way we live, treat ourselves and the people in our lives, our respect for nature and the way we look at our part in the world. No amount of money or the many things we do in the name of spirituality defines us, we do that instinctually, it is a God given gift that every person on this planet has.

My Story

Several years ago I began my search for what I thought was missing from my life. I had been half-way committed to my spirituality for some time, but it just wasn’t enough any more. I was seeking a way of life that exemplified kindness, love and understanding with like-minded people. I found and joined a group that I learned from and enjoyed for over a year and a half. As I grew spiritually, my needs changed, so I moved on to another group that took me to a higher way of thinking and being. I continued seeking outside of myself for what I needed and was disappointed when it fell short. So, I consciously chose to stay away from any kind of spiritual organization for a year when a friend recommended that I go sit in on a group of a privately established spiritual organization. I was hesitant, but I’d been through a lot, I was vulnerable and lost and wanted new friends, so I went and chose to stay. After over a year of involvement I began to realize that being in a group setting with limited teachings just wasn’t in line with my personal values. That was when I finally chose to go my own way. I discovered my truth and what a true spiritual life was. I finally feel the peace and happiness that we are all here to experience.

In Closing

There is nothing like spending some time with like-minded people to share our beliefs. We become more open to other ideas and ways of being, learn to be more loving, compassionate and selfless. If we choose to be involved with a group or an organization that is divinely guided, it is much richer if we come into it knowing that we don’t need any of it to be loving, wise and good.

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Did you Know that Pets Enhance Living Mindfully?

Pets are more than something to care for or a four-legged companion and friend to spend time with. They teach us trust, unconditional love, peace, wisdom, presence, understanding and strength. When it comes to leaving a left brain life behind and taking those brave steps toward a life of creativity, heart and mindfulness, our animal friends are one of our greatest teachers.

My current best friend and life teacher is Mandy, a rescue cat who chose my mom and I in a pretty dark hour of our lives. When mom left the earth, Mandy was lost, she didn’t understand and showed it. I am glad I was experienced and observant enough to understand that it was my turn to return the love and help her heal.  She has recovered and enjoys a happy, healthy life with me. She is feisty, funny, unique, very smart and so loving that I can feel it, even when she’s sleeping.

Mandy the Heart Centered Feline

Shifting to a heart-centered life would never be what it is for me without an animal companion/teacher to share this path with. For if anyone knows about living in the moment and unconditional love, it is our animal friends. They never ask for more than what they give.  Learning to love like that can only come from them, for they’re built that way, that is how they are meant to affect our lives and what they are here to teach us.

I don’t believe in owning or dominating a pet, I see my pets as an equal, a companion to share my life with for as long as they are on earth.  I’ve learned so much from them.  I’ve seen them go through pain and continue to love, I’ve seen them struggle through change and continue to love, I’ve watched a last dying breath and she continued to love.

From first-hand experience, I know that they are incredibly smart and understand a lot more than we think they do. Mandy understands tone, she comes when she is called, she knows her name and she knows the change in my behavior when I am leaving the house, she shows me that when I am with her she is safe and feels at peace by sleeping right next to me. I know that she is sharing her wisdom with me all of the time, sometimes I just forget to pay attention.

When we take in a pet, we take on a commitment for more than their physical health and nutritional needs. We take on a commitment to have a special relationship that requires us to be loving, kind, connected and compassionate just as if we were adopting a child.  When we adopt children, we prepare our home and our lives for a life-long relationship that requires that we become flexible, understanding, loving and aware of what that child needs and has been through before they came into our lives. This is how having an animal in our life must be, I see no difference.

Where did we get the idea that animals are a lower form of life and separate from us and they don’t have the capacity to affect our lives as dramatically as they do? Dogs and cats are being used more and more for healing for people with serious illnesses, as companions for the elderly, as best friends for children with medical challenges. If not for animal companions where would all of that love and healing come from?

When our human relationships get to be too much, our animal friends are the perfect antidote to having unconditional love and lots of fun in our lives. But more than that, we can learn from them to love those who have hurt us, those who have left us, those who have betrayed us, those who have turned away when we needed them most, because they know the heart and how to love.

When you’re on a path to live mindfully, yes, there are many human teachers that help us become better, but our animal friends are some of the best teachers because they are always doing it with love no matter what.

To learn more about your connections with pets, go to Mindful Connections.

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Don’t Worry Be Joyful – Try this 3 Second Brain Exercise “Thin Slices of Joy”

Chade-Meng Tan

As I read the article  about how former Google Engineer and Happiness Guru, Chade-Meng Tan created a three second brain exercise, I got a little excited and decided to apply his theory to see if it worked. Instead of just gulping my water, I took a drink, felt the joy of that cool water in my mouth and it lifted my spirits.

While being positive and saying positive affirmations is helpful, there are a lot of other things that have to be in place for that to work. But the practice Thin Slices of Joy is much more practical and can be used right away with excellent results.

So, here is how it works per Chade-Meng:

Usually these events are unremarkable: a bite of food, the sensation of stepping from a hot room to an air-conditioned room, the moment of connection in receiving a text from an old friend. Although they last two or three seconds, the moments add up, and the more you notice joy, the more you will experience joy, Tan argues. “Thin slices of joy occur in life everywhere… and once you start noticing it, something happens, you find it’s always there. Joy becomes something you can count on.” That’s because you’re familiarizing the mind with joy, he explains.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day and not give how we’re feeling any attention. But, this is so simple that I think it can become a part of our day, finding bits of joy will come naturally.

I applied Thin Slices of Joy for the rest of the day and I discovered that every time I found an opportunity to use it, I felt better.  I just stopped, noticed whatever I was experiencing and I felt good.  I thought I would share this wonderful little practice so that you too can start to lift your energy and begin to feel better even when your day isn’t going well.

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A Self-Esteem Activity Including Ways to Enhance Your Confidence

Self Esteem Activity

How is your self-esteem?  Review the following statements, then indicate if they are True or False for you. After finishing, go back and check over your answers. Answer all of the questions to get a true picture of yourself.

This personal exercise is to help you to better understand your self-esteem. There are no right or wrong answers, this is just a way for you to gauge where you are and where you can relieve yourself of beliefs and unresolved issues holding you back from being who you truly are.

  1. I don’t feel adequate when I handle new situations.  True False
  2. I accept criticism without getting upset.  True False
  3. I accept myself unconditionally. True False
  4. I don’t exaggerate, pretend or lie. True False
  5. I am not afraid to express my feelings. True False
  6. I don’t feel resentful when I lose. True False
  7. I don’t worry about what other’s think about me. True False
  8. I don’t feel a victim. True False
  9. I accept my body as it is. True False
  10. I don’t need other people’s opinion to feel good about myself. True False
  11. I can stand up for myself without being aggressive. True False
  12. I don’t feel like a failure. True False
  13. I don’t feel guilty when I say “no”. True False
  14. I have good relationship with other people, I have no fear of abandonment. True False
  15. I don’t begrudge other people’s success. True False

Total Score 12-15 = You have a deep sense of worth, self-respect and live a balanced life.

Total Score 8-11 = You are on the right path, keep it up.

Total Score 7 -5 = You have a tendency toward self-criticism and to put yourself down. You’re afraid to take risks and make mistakes. You lack confidence.

Total Score < 4 = You are concerned with other people’s opinions and you may lack assertiveness. Your tendency is to ignore your needs because you want to please others. You might have self-destructive habits. You lack confidence, hide your true feelings and have problems establishing intimacy in relationships.

How Self-Esteem Can Affect Your Life

I struggled with self-esteem issues for years, trying to live up to an image of perfection that wasn’t who I was or honoring the beauty of my uniqueness. In all the years that I had a cynical view of myself, the relationships I had reflected how I treated myself. Since then I’ve spent some time concentrating on myself and things have improved notably. Raising your self-esteem isn’t easy when you’re drowning in comparisons and an accumulation of beliefs that you’re not good enough just as you are, but when you take the steps to dig into your shadows and rise above all of that, it is a magnificent feeling.

Advantages for a High Self-Esteem from Me and Henry Ford Allegiance Health

  1. Your expectations are more in line with reality, and as a result, you’re less critical of yourself and others
  2. You’re better able to handle stress (and avoid the unhealthy side effects that come with it)
  3. You’re less likely to develop an eating disorder
  4. You’re not as likely to battle feelings of worthlessness, guilt or shame
  5. You’re more likely to be assertive about expressing what you want, need or think
  6. You can build strong, honest relationships (and are less likely to stay in unhealthy ones)
  7. You have greater confidence in your ability to make good decisions.
  8. You bounce back more easily when it comes to life’s inevitable setbacks
  9. You’re more able to forgive yourself and others
  10. You will have a clearer sense of your values, worth, and integrity
  11. You will be less self-focused and more able to reach out to others 
  12. When you have a healthy self-esteem you will know yourself; be able to assess who you truly are, what your gifts are and ways to share them
  13. You will naturally love and accept yourself as you are, knowing that you can improve and develop any aspect of yourself that you choose

Secrets to Creating a Healthy Self Esteem and How to Apply Them

Live Consciously. Pay close attention to how you feel and the thoughts that come into your mind. Be aware of the view you hold of yourself and how it affects the way you act whether alone or with others.

Learn from Inaccurate Judgments.  I personally don’t believe in mistakes, we only know what we know. It is okay to say, “I was wrong or made an assumption”, own it and learn from it. We do the best we can with what we know, when we know better, we do better. You’ve discovered something about yourself and you will go forward a better person.

Listen To Other’s Point Of View without Judgment. It is easy to get caught up in our own opinion, even if it’s negative. Asking for and listening to other points of view can help you to realize your own truth and what you have intuitively known all along. It also helps you to realize that when someone offers their opinion it is based on their perception and life experiences. A good way to express your opinion in a non confrontational way, “from my personal experience or based on what I’ve learned.”

Take Care Of Yourself Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Taking care of yourself should be focused on your physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being to create new behaviorsWe all have choices, it is up to us to take responsibility for our over-all well-being. 

Take Responsibility for Your Life. Not owning up to our actions keeps us stuck, feeling miserable and unhappy.  Wayne Dyer said, “No matter how much I protest, I am totally responsible for everything that happens to me in my life”. Keeping this in mind will help you to create a different way of seeing things and being.

Speak and Act from Your Own Convictions. Be authentic and true to who you are and your values. Speak up and empower yourself to take control of your life. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself.

Have a Sense of Purpose & Direction. What do you want and where is your life going?  It is necessary to develop a sense of direction and focus on what you want to create a healthy self-esteem. 

Meditate Daily. Whether you take a walk in nature or meditate in a quiet and serene environment, take time to be still. This practice is vital to your mental and physical well-being and self-confidence.

Visualization – Use your ability to visualize your ideal situation, work, home, family, health, etc. See it in your mind as you would if it were real and the way your life would look, ideally. Visualizing is a great way to help create the life you want and stay focused in a positive way.

Forgive. Forgiving is never for anyone but yourself. Not forgiving is like carrying a heavy load without any relief, it is difficult and painful to move forward with your life. Forgiving is putting all of your baggage behind you and lightening your load. 

Avoid ‘should’ statements. If you find that your thoughts are concentrated on shoulds, it is time to let go of them, and the unreasonable rules you’ve held for yourself. Instead embrace new ways to enhance your life and the unique person that you are.

Focus on the positive. Think about the good parts of your life. Remind yourself of things that have gone well. This is a way to help steer you away from the tendency to be negative about yourself and your abilities.

Encourage yourself. Give yourself credit for making positive changes. Whether the changes are in your relationships, your lifestyle or within you, give yourself a pat on the back for taking the necessary steps to view yourself in a healthier and honest way.

  I decided to by happy for the rest of my life because it is good for my health, Voltaire

Thank you for taking time to stop by. I appreciate any ideas or thoughts you have about self-esteem or any questions that you have.


He had a heart of gold, his hands were gifted, I will always remember my brother’s love

He loved with all his heart and let you know it. He listened intently and supported everything I did, no matter how he felt inside, he always made me feel as if I could do anything. He has a forever place in my heart that is only for him, this is my way of celebrating his life.

A golden haired boy surrounded by three girls, my brother was loved and cherished. He went to bed Saturday night like any other night but this time he didn’t wake up, a peaceful way to leave this earth and his family. Even though I am spiritually evolved and know my brother is in a better place, that didn’t stop the tears from flowing when my sister called with the sad news.

When he was young he was small for his age so we (the three sisters) took advantage of that by putting him in our large doll carriage to make him the family baby when we played mommy. He told me in a light-hearted way that we traumatized him for life, he had a wonderful sense of humor, even when he was in a great deal of pain.

He was a genius, a self-taught, award winning woodworker. He turned all kinds of wood into beautiful furniture, cabinets, toys, and keepsake items.

He built this timber-frame log-house for birds for his backyard that won an award. We were stunned at the detail and beauty of it.

He built this ultimate desk with the intention of leaving it for his only grandson.

He loved to cook, he created a kitchen that he always dreamed of and had plenty of fun cooking great meals.

He built his own home for his wife, Susan and two sons, Chris and Greg,  I felt as though I was going to a rustic resort, I loved going to visit him and enjoying his lovely home and small town life with him.

He loved animals, he had just adopted Lucy, to join his pet family who were his beloved dog, Molly and their beautiful rescue cat Bootz.

My brother, my heart, my friend sort of gone, never forgotten and always loved.

Are You Making Your Life an Adventure?


If today was your last day on earth, would you be at peace knowing you were living a life you loved?  If you could change anything about your life today what would it be? We are given the gift of a life with choices and without a guarantee for how long we are here for.  What choices are you making right now that are in the direction of your happiness? Are you open to experiencing a shift to heart-centered consciousness?

“Our world is in the midst of a major change, and we are awakening. Awakening today from years, decades and centuries of living stifled by illusions and limited by controlling beliefs and unconscious thoughts.” Evita Ochel/Wake Up World

I will share a secret with you, following the rules by doing what you think you’re supposed to do is a heartbreaking way to live. I’ve done that, it never felt as good as life feels now. We all have basic needs that we must meet, that is understood, but at what cost? The millions of empty houses that sit quietly all day, all week and all month waiting for the family to come home to gather to share memories and happy times is a significant reminder of what we are doing with our precious lives. No matter what you do for a living, is it something that you do with all your heart and wouldn’t change a thing?

Life isn’t supposed to be filled with regret, stress, anxiety and paying bills. I lived that way for a long time before I realized how unhappy I was. Life is supposed to be an adventure, with twists and turns and not knowing what’s going to happen, filled with love, happiness and feeling good about the choices we’ve made. Are you happy with who you are and the way you feel about your life?  How do you feel about it?

Part of the process of heart-centered conscious living is asking yourself a lot of very important questions and answering from your heart. A big part of that question and answer period is if you truly believe that you have a choice, because you do. This is the way life is going now, more and more people are starting to look at their lives and are consciously choosing to live differently. A chosen life requires a big change in the way you think, from a life led by the mind to life led by love, compassion, doing for others and coming back to ourselves. Are you ready to live a life of adventure?

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