Listen to your inner voice, with grace, grit & a sense of humor


It pays to have a sense of humor, I laugh when I think of the times my inner voice was talking to me, and I didn’t pay attention. Has your gut “said” “don’t drive that way” or “don’t answer the door or take that call” and you did anyway? Every time I’ve ignored my inner voice or intuition, there was a lesson for me and a message that was even more powerful, “LISTEN, when your little voice talks to you.”

Your gut instinct or inner voice will always guide you in the right direction, I would like to share a story when I did listen.

I had been living like a nomad for nearly two years when the final but pivotal living situation pushed me to take action. I knew I was ready to find a place of my own to live, but like everyone I was nervous and not sure what to do. The place had to be close to work, within walking distance to shops, restaurants and someplace fun to go. I began the search on my own then I told a coworker what I was faced with, she offered to help. Even though I knew what I wanted, there were people who wanted me to just find someplace to live, but I had to tune them out determined that I was going to find the right place. Then things turned when the woman who was helping me had a rental in the perfect location with an obstacle, I would need a roommate. My mind raced, I wasn’t sure who that could be. Then I recalled a conversation with a friend who was in a spot and had asked me to be her roommate. I had said no, thinking at the time I was fine on my own, but my inner voice said, “She is waiting to hear from you”, so I sent her a message and voila, she was on board.  We moved in together a few weeks later.

There are many stories out there like mine, our inner GPS is always talking to us.  It helps to remember that paying attention to your inner voice requires humor, grit, grace and a sense of calm and the answers will come to you.  We all have the power and ability to create a life that is unique to who we are but it helps to be open to the unexpected and unplanned and go with it. We have been taught by the people n our lives to “take charge and grab the bull by the horns” and force the outcome to whatever situation we are faced with, but that usually results in unhappiness along with a load of obstacles, problems and hidden issues that we couldn’t have possibly known about.

Listening to your inner voice is natural, if you teach yourself to pay attention to your gut and the way you feel.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Spend time alone in nature.  This one tip is a gold mine, it is easier to sort through your feelings and tune out the outside influences to get to relax, have fun and some time to get to the core of what you want and what is in your heart.
  2. Meditate: This is a great tool to aid in getting to the root of your soul. More than just closing your eyes and reflecting, meditation, however you choose to do it, allows your mind to quiet so you’re able to connect with your innermost feelings.
  3. Stand up for what you want.  No one knows you or what you need better than you. Well-meaning family and friends have the idea that their opinions and experiences are what you need to hear to avoid making mistakes, being hurt or coming up against a disastrous outcome. That is the time when you must be determined to stand up for what you want and what is right for you.
  4. Have a sense of humor – If you run into obstacles or experience setbacks, have a sense of humor to help you get through whatever comes up,  it isn’t easy but it is the healthiest way, laughter truly is the best medicine.

Thank you, namaste.


3 thoughts on “Listen to your inner voice, with grace, grit & a sense of humor

    • Laura March 4, 2017 / 2:02 pm

      Miriam, thank you for your kind words, I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you. I am sure I will learn from and enjoy your posts. Have a good weekend.

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