And Then There Are Those Miracles, Believing in What We Cannot See

We are a living breathing miracle, we cannot see all of the miracles that we are but they happen every moment of every day.  From well-known scientific researcher, teacher, lecturer and author, Joe Dispenza, “There are trillions of cells that make up your body. For the moment I want you to think about just one. That one cell is incredibly busy. In just the last second there were over 100,000 chemical reactions that occurred in this cell. Now, step back and consider your body as a whole. The sheer volume of activity happening inside you at any given moment is almost incomprehensible.

Waking up, walking, breathing in and out, our eyes blinking, washing our hands, hearing music, all what appear to mundane acts are miracles supported by activity within our body that we never give a second thought to. Just as we are a miracle, they are all around us even though we don’t recognize them.

The rising sun, the breeze blowing, the clouds in the sky, rainfall are all miracles. In order to recognize miracles that happen every day, we must believe that life itself is a miracle.  No matter our circumstances, the miracle of us is breathtaking.

Part of an awakened lifestyle is knowing that something beyond appearances is always going on and to have faith in what we cannot see. What I see are teachers instead of situations and to anticipate an outcome that will benefit my growth as a better person.

We’ve come to expect big, force of nature miracles that may or may not happen, while missing out on obscure occurrences that truly are the miracles. In essence, believing in more is our launch into a whole new way of being, that is why it is necessary for us to recognize everything as a miracle.  When we look at life that way, we become a force to be reckoned with.

‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.’” Albert Einstein 


The Divine Feminine is Vital in the Work of Awakening

The Divine Feminine is about including and valuing the feminine as an essential dynamic of the creative life force. It is celebrating and maintaining the attitude that a balanced life is the Divine combined with the masculine, as in Yin and Yang you cannot have one without the other. It is about remembering our interconnection and oneness.

The Divine Feminine is needed now more than ever, like the blessed event of birthing of a child, it is time to raise awareness of the beauty and perfection of our creative life force and our connection with each other necessary for the survival and progress of humanity and Mother Earth.

I’ve been thinking about this a great deal and realized that rather than expect everyone to embody this way of thinking for a big change, it must start with us as individuals. We, as awakened women, must restore our connection with each other beginning with our family, friends and in our local communities. It is vital to the transformation of the way the world functions to practice our natural ability to be kind, compassionate, thoughtful and remembering that everyone needs and wants to be loved.

The world is in a state of chaos that can only be lifted and transformed with the inclusion of the divine feminine. It is time for awakened women to be in the forefront as heart-centered leaders if the human race is to endure.

Our attention must be focused on the way we treat each other combined with an understanding of the higher purpose of humanity. Women’s true nature is to listen with wisdom, connect and create from a place of love, compassion and kindness rather than from the old paradigm of separation and ignorance. Our way of living must be centered on learning to live together, helping each other and supporting the values that will restore our way of life to appreciate the strength in community.

Modern day society is controlled by the masculine drive of greed, separation and being disembodied from the sacredness of the divine feminine. As pigment of skin does not determine our value or status, neither does gender. It is time to recognize the importance of the divine feminine, honoring women and our place in the world.


Loving Yourself First


self-loveBefore you can love others, you must love yourself first and foremost. Speak only lovingly to yourself and about yourself, there are a multitude of benefits that you will experience with a boost to your self-esteem.

Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Make yourself a priority
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others
  3. List your strengths and focus on them
  4. De-clutter your surroundings
  5. Become active, walk, run, swim
  6. Express yourself creatively doing whatever makes you happy cooking, pottery, photography, dancing, art
  7. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you
  8. Be your own best friend, take a deep breath and know you’re doing the best that you can
  9. Be true to you, enjoy the unique beautiful person that you are

How does resistance to self-love show up in your life? Are you staying with someone who you aren’t aligned with? Are you staying in a job that you are unhappy with? Is your health idling? Are you stuck in the problems of your life?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it is time to embrace love for yourself. Then the actions you take will not only benefit you, but everyone involved. What you’re effecting is an act of compassion to yourself that spreads like wildfire to everyone around you.

Kindness and love are natural to us. When you show compassion toward yourself then you’re helping to create a more peaceful and loving world.

Thank you for stopping by, namaste

It is time for stuff to take a back seat, red lining excess


I just watched the documentary, Minimalism, nothing I saw was surprising, I’ve been doing that without knowing it for several years.  The more I got rid of the better I felt.  Now as I embark on having a home of my own, it will be a simple, comfortable and easy space to live in because I know what I can get along without.

Here are some ways that I’ve used and some ideas from some of the people I’ve known who have reduced, reused and eliminated excess stuff.

  • Help the environment by shopping at thrift and consignment stores
  • Sell or donate what you really don’t need or use
  • Recycle broken or worn items, there are businesses that will haul away anything that no one can use
  • Start by stripping one room, putting back only those items that you like, use or serve a purpose, follow suit with the rest of your living space
  • Minimize decorator items, they only collect dust and clutter your space
  • Re-purpose items that can be used for something else, (I use a hanging shoe stacker for extra storage.)
  • If you haven’t worn something or used an item in six months, decide if you ever will
  • De-clutter any storage space you have keeping only those items that have a purpose or will be used
  • Is this really necessary?  If you have a storage unit that you’re paying for, ask yourself why
  • When you buy something new, buy only to replace or fill a need
  • Edit your collections by keeping some items out and storing some, make sure that they don’t overtake your living space, sell what makes sense
  • Create a savings account with what you don’t spend to go someplace you’ve always wanted to travel to
  • Increase your finances by considering your living space, are you really using and living in every part of it?  Can you live in a smaller space with less?
  • Help others by going public, start a group or write a blog to share ideas and help live a simpler, calmer and more meaningful life

It took a few years for me to really reduce what I had, but I am happier with my surroundings and feel much lighter. It started with my mother’s estate, the more I got rid of, the easier it was. There was a lot of stuff to go through that took thought and some hard decision-making. But, I remembered hearing someone say, it isn’t the things that our lost loved ones accumulated that we should remember and keep, but who they were, what they did, how they treated people and the way that they loved.

To this day I am still editing my stuff, but now I know to ask myself some important questions, is this valuable to me, does it serve a purpose, why am I keeping it, can I live comfortably without it?  It helps to remember that our life isn’t about material things, but who and what we are, then getting rid of things is simplified.

Being indebted to banks and financial institutions for material things is a life of never-ending stress and anxiety that robs us of the life we were born to live. Consumerism has grabbed our attention and held it for so long that most people have forgotten that happiness and peace are not from things but from the people in our lives.

Now more than ever, it is time that we choose a life of meaning and purpose as we begin to reach out and connect with our human family. We are now living in an age of wisdom, a time when we are beginning to see and understand that our life should be about love, kindness, compassion and an awareness of our reason for living. Reducing the amount of stuff in our lives is a relief that lightens a very heavy load that has been breaking the back of humanity long enough.

Love people and use things, Josh Milburn (Co-Author, The Minimalists)




Scientific Evidence that You can Help Heal Yourself


For years I’ve done research and written about ways to be involved with our state of health by implementing practices that are natural instead of being completely dependent on mainstream medicine.

Rather than relying on someone else to take our lives in their hands, we should participate in the healing process so we can enjoy our true state which is vital and healthy.

When we take steps on our behalf using natural and scientifically proven techniques with the support of a nurturing healthcare provider, we can reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals and western medicine to live a healthful life.

Dr. Lissa Rankin was a conventional medicine doctor when she discovered that when we participate in our state of well-being, we can transform our health.  She has created her own mind, body practice, The Whole Health Institute.  It is well worth your time to listen to Lissa to learn practical and simple ways to be involved in your state of wellness.

You can learn more at, also be sure to check out her blog

Even when You’re at Rock Bottom, Remember Obstacles are Your Greatest Teacher

Whether you’re disabled, disadvantaged, live with an illness, are homeless, have had a rough past or you’re dealing with inner pain that no one can see, obstacles that seem to block your progress are really there to help you become stronger, resilient, determined, brave and connected to your version of God or your higher self. When we stand up for ourselves and rise, we inspire others to do the same.

When adversity comes at us, we feel like life is throwing complications and hardship at us to cause hardship and pain.  We want to run, we drown our sorrows in alcohol, drug addiction, food addiction, self-pity, victimization, isolation and depression. Fighting life’s challenges never changes or solves anything, accepting and dealing with them does.

I used to resist by reacting, crying, asking why me and things only got worse. When I finally paid attention and realized the way to make my life better was up to me then everything changed. Instead of seeing those difficulties as something to fear and feel helpless to overcome, I now understand that they are actually first-class teachers that serve a purpose and an opportunity to ascend to our greatest self.

  • Worry and panic do nothing but hurt you and make things worse
  • Numbing yourself only prolongs the pain and the issue
  • Pray
  • You can do this
  • You are worthy
  • You are loved
  • You are beautiful
  • You are valuable
  • You are here for a purpose
  • Be an inspiration to yourself and everyone around you by rising above whatever life brings
  • Get help if you need it
  • Lean on friends for support
  • Seek group support if that feels right for you
  • You matter
  • Your life matters
  • Who you are inside is what will propel you forward
  • Love is everywhere and everything and all that matters

Consider problems or difficulties as a crossroad with choices, so stop, take a breath and sit with it until whatever needs to be done to move forward comes. No matter what you’re faced with, you can work your way through it by adapting a different perspective so you will become better, not just for yourself but for everyone in your life.

Thank you for stopping by, namaste.

Listen to your inner voice, with grace, grit & a sense of humor


It pays to have a sense of humor, I laugh when I think of the times my inner voice was talking to me, and I didn’t pay attention. Has your gut “said” “don’t drive that way” or “don’t answer the door or take that call” and you did anyway? Every time I’ve ignored my inner voice or intuition, there was a lesson for me and a message that was even more powerful, “LISTEN, when your little voice talks to you.”

Your gut instinct or inner voice will always guide you in the right direction, I would like to share a story when I did listen.

I had been living like a nomad for nearly two years when the final but pivotal living situation pushed me to take action. I knew I was ready to find a place of my own to live, but like everyone I was nervous and not sure what to do. The place had to be close to work, within walking distance to shops, restaurants and someplace fun to go. I began the search on my own then I told a coworker what I was faced with, she offered to help. Even though I knew what I wanted, there were people who wanted me to just find someplace to live, but I had to tune them out determined that I was going to find the right place. Then things turned when the woman who was helping me had a rental in the perfect location with an obstacle, I would need a roommate. My mind raced, I wasn’t sure who that could be. Then I recalled a conversation with a friend who was in a spot and had asked me to be her roommate. I had said no, thinking at the time I was fine on my own, but my inner voice said, “She is waiting to hear from you”, so I sent her a message and voila, she was on board.  We moved in together a few weeks later.

There are many stories out there like mine, our inner GPS is always talking to us.  It helps to remember that paying attention to your inner voice requires humor, grit, grace and a sense of calm and the answers will come to you.  We all have the power and ability to create a life that is unique to who we are but it helps to be open to the unexpected and unplanned and go with it. We have been taught by the people n our lives to “take charge and grab the bull by the horns” and force the outcome to whatever situation we are faced with, but that usually results in unhappiness along with a load of obstacles, problems and hidden issues that we couldn’t have possibly known about.

Listening to your inner voice is natural, if you teach yourself to pay attention to your gut and the way you feel.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Spend time alone in nature.  This one tip is a gold mine, it is easier to sort through your feelings and tune out the outside influences to get to relax, have fun and some time to get to the core of what you want and what is in your heart.
  2. Meditate: This is a great tool to aid in getting to the root of your soul. More than just closing your eyes and reflecting, meditation, however you choose to do it, allows your mind to quiet so you’re able to connect with your innermost feelings.
  3. Stand up for what you want.  No one knows you or what you need better than you. Well-meaning family and friends have the idea that their opinions and experiences are what you need to hear to avoid making mistakes, being hurt or coming up against a disastrous outcome. That is the time when you must be determined to stand up for what you want and what is right for you.
  4. Have a sense of humor – If you run into obstacles or experience setbacks, have a sense of humor to help you get through whatever comes up,  it isn’t easy but it is the healthiest way, laughter truly is the best medicine.

Thank you, namaste.