A Couple of Ideas to Create Boundaries in Difficult Situations


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Creating Boundaries

Creating boundaries when you don’t like conflict or aggression can be a challenge  it has been for me for many years until I finally stood up for myself.  But, rather than handle the aggressive behavior with anger, I handled it with a response that came from my heart.

So how do you do that when someone comes at you angry and ready to argue? First, I didn’t take this individuals behavior personally, she created her story about me in her head. Second, I didn’t react, I responded.  After the false accusation was made, there was a demand for an explanation. I told her that my reasons were my personal preference and I didn’t have to explain my choices or my decisions to her, it wasn’t her business. Then I smiled at her and said I appreciate you. There was dead silence and a look of confusion.

The choices I made to handle this difficult situation were mine and worked well for me. I am offering ideas that may help you to deflect someone’s created anger and behavior back to them. People’s behavior, as hard as it is to believe, has nothing to do with you or anyone else. Their behavior has to do with how and what they think, believe and perceive life.

I never felt better, lighter and more authentic.  It felt good to speak my truth in a heartfelt way, especially when the person walked away complimenting me.  I never asked for or expected that, but hey, I will take it.



Do you live mindfully?


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What have you consciously chosen to do today that will bring you joy?

Her stories were about hating her church and a breakup with a boyfriend. She talked as though she had no choice. I listened without saying anything, then when she stopped and looked at me as if for guidance, I said, “Only you know in your heart what is right for you.”

Then she spent the next ten minutes talking about her break-up situation as if she had no part in it. When she said thought she was going to die, and then just stood there, I gently offered “but you didn’t, you’re still here.” She hesitated, looked at me and then went back to  her story and continued to talk about how badly she was treated and how she couldn’t believe it.  I offered a consideration for her, “Now you know what you don’t want in your life.” This time she stopped and just looked at me and nodded her head.

Life is all about choices and decisions. When you choose in your own favor accessing your conscious mind, you are committing that you love yourself enough to know in your heart you are worthy of a good life.  No one can do or say anything to you without you allowing them to do it.  It is up to you to choose consciously who you want in your life and the way you want your life to go, no one but you.

Mindfulness means to choose consciously and create ways to live in alignment with your truth. I haven’t always been good at that, it has taken time to break the chains of old beliefs and conditioning. For me, digging deeply into why I do things and think the way I do has been a huge step forward for me.  I have chosen to study the “Course in Miracles” as my guide toward better understanding of how I can change my patterns from just letting life happen to changing the direction that is best for me and correcting my thoughts.  It has changed my life.

Starting each morning with conscious choices like how I wake up, to what I eat to and how I get ready to meet the day, no matter what I am doing has improved a lot since I chose this approach.  Rather than allowing myself to fall into thoughts and behaviors as I did when I was working in big business, I create my day to be a unique and positive reflection of the way I want my life to be, consciously.

It takes thought, stopping yourself from acting, saying and being as you always have to actually paying attention to your actions and words in beneficial way.  Not only to those around you, but to yourself.  This change isn’t about pleasing the people around you, it is about feeling great about yourself and treating yourself with love and compassion.

Find what works for you and don’t let anything stop you from going for a mindful life. Happiness and enjoying life aren’t for special occasions, it is your birthright.  When you change the way you live, your life will change for the better. If you have questions or you’d like more information, leave a comment for me.

Living Mindfully Nourishing Your Body


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Divine FeminineDo you ever remember what a miracle you are that the life force known as you knows how to start from just two cells, a sperm and an egg to create your almost 100 trillion specialized cells?

Our relationship with food, our body and taking responsibility for our wellness have been lost over many years of conditioning, beliefs and patterns that remove ownership from our body’s state of being.

We are so conditioned to react that we automatically become annoyed and upset when our body isn’t well; we put all of our attention on the illness. Did you know that your intelligence magically creates all of the visible and invisible signs as diseases and health issues because your body is lacking what it needs to be holistically well.  Those “problems” is the God in you telling you to stop what you’re doing and take better care of yourself.

HEARTLIGHT - i will treat my bodyNutrition is an important part of our spiritual growth, because how we experience food is how we experience life. For example, if enjoying life and taking responsibility for our wellness through nutrition isn’t in the forefront we most likely reach for types of food that aren’t nourishing.  When we focus our attention on “being good” with food — which may mean eating less than we need, not getting the nutrients our body requires — or punishing ourselves if we falter, we define how we feel about ourselves. Our beliefs and habits are “mirrored” in our food choices.

Listen to what your body tells you when you’re preparing to eat.  Your body’s intelligence is always speaking to you.  When you don’t pay attention to the messages, you suffer.  When you choose the food you’ll be consuming at each meal, take a few moments to listen and then eat according to what your body requires.  The feeling you have while you’re eating and when you’re done will confirm that your choice was right on.


Spiritual Yearning – Saying Yes to the Course in Miracles


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Aboive all ElseThe Course in Miracles has had an enormous impact on me.  My spiritual yearning started about a month ago.  I am not sure why, but I felt the need to go deeper. Being a student of many teachings, I wasn’t sure about the Course in Miracles. My initial impression was I wasn’t ready for going that deep, but my heartstrings were being pulled in that direction so I followed the call.

I just knew that I wanted more than what I had experienced but I wasn’t sure if the Course would be the way to go, so I was skeptical, in fact I decided that I would just check it out sure I would want to move on.  But after I read my first lesson, the words really hit home for me.  Then being in a Course discussion group with an experienced teacher made all the difference in the world.  The words were not just words any more, they were profound messages that were speaking to my heart.

Each lesson since then has had an impact on my life.  What I know is this, we all have a purpose, our heart knows what that is, when we open the door for deeper meaning in our lives and know that we are “being called” by our heart, then we have to know we are going in the right direction.

Spirituality is not just a practice for me, but a way of life.  What started out as a quest to remember who I really was several years ago has become my life norm.  From the way I think to the meals I eat, my focus is being awake for my entire life, every moment of every day.  It feels natural, right and the only way I can imagine my life being.

Appreciation is Felt in the Heart

Thanksgiving Blog QuoteAs we approach Thanksgiving this year I want to express sincere appreciation for the many opportunities to grow, become better and experience love in its highest form.

Our life is a gift not to be squandered or taken for granted but to connect with as many people as we can to share our light and love.

Instead of giving gifts, be the gift in someone’s life, you never know how your presence will affect and change their life forever.



Are You Ready to Leave Your Job for a Life Rebirth?


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Beautiful Mature Woman

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards. They try to have more of what they want so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You first must be who you are, then love what you do, in order to have what you want.~  Margaret Young

You are free to choose whatever you want to do with your life as soon as you realize that you have nothing to fear and that the only thing holding you back is you.

Taking a leap of faith is grounded in the belief that you are worthy of being happy and living the life of your dreams.

Ready, set go!  Take a legal pad, turn it sideways.  Now, take a moment and write in Column 1 at least three things that you want right now. These can be three big things in your life, or three small things. It doesn’t matter. Just make them three things that you want.  Then finish filling in the rest of the columns.  This will help you to determine what you want out of life and why you don’t have it.

Column 1: What Do I Want?

Column 2: What Makes Me Want That?

Column 3: What Has Kept It From Me So Far?

Column 4: What Do I Think My Chances Are Of Getting This?

Column 5: What Will Happen If I Give This To Myself?

Column 6: When I Will Go For It?

Are You Courageous?


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Saying Yes to Courage

LIfe is too short to allow fear to stop you from whatever it is that you want to do.  You have to believe so strongly that you are worthy that you don’t waste time and energy analyzing what you’re contemplating.

You have to find the courage step out of your comfort zone and just do it. Let life take care of the details.

So what if no one believes in you, if you do that is all that matters. It is time for women to let courage rise and be the change we are here for without doubt, hesitation, fear or worry.

Step through your fear into the doorway of change and the unknown, you can do it, I know you can.

Where There is Love, Stuff Takes a Back Seat


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People Instead of StuffIf you know your heart, then you know why there is a you and a me and all those of us who are on our journey to bring love and compassion to the world….

if there weren’t people who paid more attention to their stuff then caring about people then they wouldn’t need to be reminded of love and their connection to the human race…so we should feel blessed that we are carrying the message of love with our hearts outstretched to the world..


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